L' Reflection Private Resort

A Tantalizing Exhibit of Shimmering Reflections

L’ Reflection combines water elements, lighting and modern architecture to cast an exquisite image.

Maximizing space often means designing focal points that take on a life of their own. That’s exactly what happens at L Reflection, where the shape of the land and surrounding architecture plays a central role in forming enticing viewpoints and setting a playful tone that skips from one unique feature to another. 

Creating Value in Every Space

The beauty of L’ Reflection is perceived the moment you walk through the doors, when your attention is instantly drawn to a set of underwater fountain features bubbling to the surface of the pool and casting a glazed and shimmering glow outward. Accompanied by partially-submerged sculptures that take the shape of both seating area and refined architecture, this unique fountain area sets the tone for a mingled play of elements that pervades delightfully throughout every inch of L’ Reflection. The shape here is one unique in itself, commanding a need for balance and scale that directs your attention in ways that create special value everywhere you look.  

As you continue to explore and walk up the steps on your way to the spa, you are captivated by a striking fire feature quite unlike anything else. A large white wall with an oval shape cut out from its center, the fireplace at L’ Reflection makes use of two clear glass panels with several layers of burning stones within, casting a reflective glow onto the spa waters and creating a sense of distinct luxury design you can’t ignore.  

Along the borders, you’ll notice a pair of walls that both stand out among their surroundings while blending in with the pool’s color tones and the overall ambience of L’ Reflection. Designed with printed fiberglass to match the 2-toned color shelves of the pool architecture, these walls further add to the theme of harmonious colorations and tranquil reflections that bounce from one feature to another.

Luxurious, Accommodating and Unforgettable

Visitors to L’ Reflection won’t soon forget its imaginative use of spaces, sculptures and elemental qualities which create a truly magnificent experience for the senses. Ascending into the backyard where the walls narrow into a corner, you’ll first climb a staircase with flowing water on its sides, silver spheres at their source and lights shimmering off every surface and onto the water as it gently cascades down the steps. 

An outside California room on the grounds of L’ Reflection boasts an array of luxury amenities in a cozy space all within reach of the pool, spa and backyard, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor feeling beyond the space of the home. The placement of the outside California room allows for an enclave of indoor features among the sounds of water, fresh air, natural lighting and visual outdoor charm. At night, L’ Reflection comes alive with an enchanting display of lights and colors that offer an unmistakable character of relaxation, recreation and singular style within its grounds. 

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