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Choose a design firm that will take your property from residence to resort™.

And It Just Gained A Lot More Potential

Our team of designers will bring to life the feeling and purpose you have for your yard. Whether you want a space that brings the family together, or a yard you can relax in and call your own private resort, Realm’s team of creative designers will bring it to life.

3D Designs

Discover the potential of your existing space with our design work that we create in 3d. Every design project we do starts in 3d.


As an award winning landscape design firm, we set out to be as unique and creative as possible. Our goal is to create a custom tailored experience in your outdoor space.

Build Ready

Once your design is finalized our Construction Company can build your project if you are in Orange County California, for all other areas we will create the detailed blueprints needed for your contractor to build out your design.

Ready For Your Private Resort?

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We are on a mission to design the most creative and luxurious landscapes in the world.

Why we start in 3D

A. When it comes to the starting process of design, the exploration of options is better delivered with the realism that 3d images offer

B. Creativity reaches its max potential when the design process is started in 3D rather than 2D like most design firms

C. Our 3d imagery can also be built exactly as concept design

3D Design


Our 3D design software allows you to fully discover the potential for your space.

Finished Install

Completed Vision

Your design will not just be a great concept but a mirror into what will be done once built

What Others Are Saying

Such a great pleasure to work with this company, they always listen to what you want and do their jobs exceeding your expectations. Unlike other contractors that always drag your projects over long period of time after securing your projects, Justin and his team always have their milestones done on time and do their jobs right. We love their work ethics.
Eddy Chan
Irvine, CA
Highly recommend Realm Deisgn. Justin and his team understood the design aim for our yard and implemented accordingly. When adjustments were needed, they were flexible about it. Communication was open and immediate which helped in completing the job efficiently and within reasonable time.
Madi Bang
Los Angeles, CA
Working with Realm Design was an absolute breeze. We dealt with over 20 different contractors while building our new home and I can confidently say that Justin Fox and his team are thorough professionals. The workmanship and attention to detail is top notch as is their timeliness. And we never had any last minute surprises.
Alex Ghai
Orange County, CA

Recent Designs

View some of our recently completed designs that were built by our construction company in Orange County CA, (California Landscape Studios).

Our Process

1. Listen

We schedule a video conference call or phone call to listen to your needs, requirements, and budget for your space.

2. Assemble

We gather photos and measurements of your outdoor space to start the design process of your new project.

3. Reveal

We share live our first concept with you via video conference screen share, or meeting in person at one of our offices.

4. Build

After the revisions of the design are finalized by you; we will prepare the blueprints for your contractor to build off of.

Our Process

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